Rascal Medicinal Cannabis

With our nearly 3 decades of experience in tissue culture, hydroponics and aeroponics in controlled environments, we were ideally positioned to enter the medicinal cannabis industry.

About Us

Established in 1993, Rascal was the first private enterprise to produce potato minitubers in South Africa. www.minitubers.co.za 

We are one of the largest producers of certified disease-free generation 0 potato seed in the world. With our mother company, Wesgrow Potatoes,  we are the leaders in potato seed production in Africa.

Early in 2021, we received our SAHPRA GMP license to produce medicinal cannabis and in October 2023, we received our SAHPRA License to Manufacture Medicines. We don’t claim to be the first or the biggest, but our decades-long experience and results will do the talking.

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What Distinguishes Us

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Established business with decades of experience in tissue culture and aeroponics.

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Tissue Culture

Ability to clone genetics in vitro resulting in disease-free, genetically identical clones on large scale.

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Tried and tested aeroponic system in cultivation facility. Designed and built in-house.

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GMP Facility

GMP processing ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

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Solar Energy

Reduced dependency on traditional energy sources.

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GrowerIQ Software

Top of the range Cannabis Seed-to-Sale software. Grower IQ

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Premium Genetics

Supplier of superior disease free, genetically uniform clones via our partnership with Mother Labs.

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Involvement in Community

One of the largest employers in the area and involved in upliftment and development in local community.

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